Understanding oxidation – innovative solutions for the characterization and prediction of long term oxidative reactions.

Welcome to ACL Instruments, your partner for the characterization and analysis of long term oxidative reactions in organic compounds.

See the difference?

You are interested about the stability of your product against oxidation? You are wondering why to be limited only to high temperature testing and to monitor only secondary reaction products?

ACL Instruments offers matching solutions – even if you plan to test solid states or complex formulations at moderate conditions. Our products range from customised analytical services and extended benefits to the modular instruments and advanced data treatment solutions. You will get the right solution for your needs.

You decide what you need. Why not find out what ACL Instruments can do for you? We are happy to help you. Do you see the difference?

Latest news

  • 23.02.15
    ACL Instruments AG acquired by ReseaChem GmbH
  • 15.09.11
    DIN 51835-1, DIN 51835-2
  • 18.03.09
    ACL Instrument's OpenDay - 17. April 09

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    CL basis instrument configuration
    CL basis instrument configuration
    CL analytical services
    CL analytical services

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