CL Vergleich mit Rancimat: JAOCS Publikation

Dienstag, 04.03.2014

Eine JAOCS Publikation vergleicht die CL Basiskonfiguration von ACL Instruments mit dem RANCIMAT von Metrohm:


A comparison was undertaken between two machines that utilise accelerated methods to measure oxidative stability: the Rancimat (Metrohm, Switzerland) and the single channel chemiluminescence instrument (ACL Instruments, Switzerland). The results from the machines showed good correlation for the measurement of the oxidation induction time of corn oil. For the ACL Instrument, the effect of the sample holder material (aluminium or borosilicate glass) was also investigated and clear differences were noted. Finally, a stability study was carried out over a period of 6 months, with corn oil, stored in the dark at three temperatures: ~4, ~27, ~40 °C and it was observed that it was possible to track subtle changes in oxidative stability using chemiluminescence.


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