ACL Instruments AG acquired by ReseaChem GmbH

Montag, 23.02.2015

ACL Instruments AG was acquired today by ReseaChem GmbH. The management and the governing board are excited about the transaction and thank all the partners and supporters who have helped in the development and positioning of the company and its unique products.

To prevent any confusion please refer to the below questions & answers section:

Will ACL Instruments customers be affected by the acquisition?

No. ACL Instruments and Reseachem will remain committed to the existing customers, products, and markets. Together with Reseachem, ACL Instruments will continue to serve its customers, support, and maintain the Chemiluminescence products and applications.

Will Reseachem continue to offer ACL Instruments’ solutions?

Yes. ACL Instruments and Reseachem will continue to offer the Chemiluminescence products and applications to customers.

How will ACL Instruments’ customers benefit from this announcement?

With the experience, brand, marketing and support of Reseachem behind it, ACL Instruments can move to the next level.  Reseachem as well as ACL Instruments customers will benefit from new and innovative technology and features at the long term.

What happens to ACL Instruments’ existing customers?

Business will continue as usual for existing ACL Instruments customers. We are committed to making sure that the current offerings and quality of service are not compromised. For the future, we look forward to offer new, innovative, and exciting features and products.

Will there be any changes in pricing and service offering?

No. Currently not.

Who is Reseachem and Stefan Berger?


The Swiss company is leader in chemical services, isotope and laboratory supply. Reseachem is privately owned.


Stefan Berger:

Stefan Berger is a Swiss chemist and entrepreneur. In 1996, he co-founded Reseachem.

Why is Reseachem acquiring ACL Instruments?

In accordance to its growth strategy, Reseachem intends to diversificate through the acquisition of technology and product offerings. With ACL Instruments’ unique label-free Chemiluminescence technology, Reseachem can be leverage its own portfolio of offerings. All that will fortify Reseachem’s position.

Why did ACL Instruments decided to sell the company?

From the start, ACL Instruments’ goal was always to let as many users as possible benefit from the label-free Chemiluminescence technology. ACL Instruments believes that Reseachem’s brand and market reach will grow the market for its products. Reseachem's and ACL Instruments’ combined resources will accelerate the development and innovation. We are excited to team up with Reseachem to bring our technology to the next level.


The new address of ACL Instruments AG is the following:

ACL Instruments AG

p.a. ReseaChem GmbH

Pestalozzistrasse 16

3400 Burgdorf



ACL Instruments AG
Pestalozzistrasse 16
CH-3400 Burgdorf

Phone +41 31 755 46 66
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