Innovation drives the economy. This is why the Innovation Promotion Agency CTI specifically backs the transfer of knowledge and technology between universities and business. As part of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology OPET, CTI supports application-oriented research and development. One of the CTI’s main missions is the promotion of start-ups, because many innovations are realised and put on the market by young entrepreneurs. Switzerland urgently needs men and women with exciting business ideas, who are willing to take on the competition and persistently implement their visions in the market. CTI start-up promotion offers them a wide range of training and coaching. These seminars are modular in structure and enable young entrepreneurs to selectively get the knowledge they need. The promotion of entrepreneurship specifically targets growth-oriented business projects with a technological focus.

The Venture Kick initiative increases the fluidity between pure research and applied research. It finances the rapid development of product ideas that stem from the research process. The venture kick pre-seed funds that are invested as a private initiative close the gap in the Swiss innovation chain. Supported projects profit in multiple ways, e.g. the development of a sustainable business plan, exceptional exposure to potential investors and best conditions for the start phase.

The Foundation for technological innovation (STI) gives founders of start-up companies a financial support in the form of long term loans without interest. Technological innovations with a promising economic potential can benefit from this support. The STI foundation supports the industrialization and marketing of our products.

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