Organic substances may be very weak against oxidative degra­dation mechanisms; therefore the stability of pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations, industrial and life science materials from novel biological sources may be poor and challenging. To process successfully even complex product formulations, one may be concerned about the quality of incoming raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, logistic conditions and the shelf life resulting from all these different factors.

This leaflet shall highlight some application examples in the field of life science, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; and it shall help you to understand the benefits of the label-free testing approach of the ACL Instruments technology solutions.

leaflet pharmaceuticals and biotech
Oxidation of cocoa butter in air. Measurement condition: non-isothermal (dynamic) temperature profile from 20 to 100°C, heating rate = 0.02 Kmin-1, gasflow = 30 mlmin-1.
cocoa butter
Oxidation of beta-carotene (E150) in pure oxygen. Measurement conditions: non-isothermal (dynamic) temperature profile from 25 to 100°C, heating rate = 0.052 Kmin-1, gasflow = 50 mlmin-1.
Screening of the stability of a pharmaceutical agent in air: comparison of a sealed (0h air: green curve) and a conditioned pill (168h at ambient condition: blue curve). Measurement conditions: non-isothermal (dynamic) temperature profile from 20 to 200°C, heating rate = 0.049 Kmin-1, gasflow = 30 mlmin-1.
pharmaceutical agent

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