The usefulness of technical goods is limited by the deterioration of crucial aspects such as strength, color, gloss, viscosity, reactivity etc. This degradation is influenced by the surrounding conditions under which a product is used.

Specific procedures that are used during the production and processing of technical goods often influence the oxidative characteristics and therefore the life expectancy of a product. These procedures include e.g. tempering, irradiation using high energetic radiation, or mechanical stress. The chemiluminescence method can determine their potential negative consequences on products. It is also suitable to control the overall quality of technical goods or semi-finished products. Additionally, the CL method allows quantifying the stabilizing effects of antioxidants and UV absorbers. Taken together, measuring chemiluminescence can be used to ensure quality of goods, to optimize stabilizing systems in regard to quantity and composition of the additives, and to quantitatively examine the impact of manufacturing procedures on the products’ life expectancy. The following list includes domains that can particularly benefit from these applications:

  • synthetic organic polymers (plastics and elastomers)
  • varnish, coatings and binding agents
  • adhesives
  • high energetic materials
  • oils and fats
  • natural products such as waxes, resins etc.
  • petrochemical products
  • fine chemistry products
  • packaging

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