Security and safety of ammunition and energetic materials is of crucial importance to prevent accidents under production, storage, maintenance, transport, handling and use: one needs to know whether these substances will function properly. Therefore the detrimental reaction kinetics need to be analysed predicted precisely to quantify the lifetime of energetic materials under the relevant conditions.

leaflet energetic materials incl. kinetic analysis
Oxidation of nitrocellulose based propellant in air (blue curve) and in nitrogen (green curve): excited NOx-species are formed due to the thermo-degradation (in the absence of oxygen), relax to the ground state and emit chemiluminescence. In the presence of oxygen, nitrocellulose oxidises parallel to the thermo-degradation reaction. Measurement conditions: each in non-isothermal (dynamic) temperature profile from 40 to 140°C, heating rate = 0.023 Kmin-1, gasflow = 30 mlmin-1.
Oxidation of HTPB-HMX (Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine bound in polyurethane and hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene) under different isothermal (static) temperature conditions in air: isothermal temperature ranges from 100 to 140°C (steps of 10°C), gasflow = 30 mlmin-1.

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