It is well established that organic substances readily undergo reactions with environmental oxygen. Such processes take place even at ambient temperature and change the properties of organic materials in an undesirable manner. To maintain the characteristics of industrial goods (e.g. for stability and security purposes), precise knowledge of the oxidation behavior under storage and application conditions is necessary. The Chemiluminescence (CL) method bears great benefit over other commonly applied methods to assess the kinetics of long-term oxidation at moderate temperature. Experimental data acquired under realistic conditions can be combined with isoconversional kinetic analysis to predict the life expectancy.

Given the high potential of the CL method, an advanced and user-friendly CL instrumentation has been developed at Berne University of Applied Sciences. The benefits of the CL method and of the new instrumentation will be presented at the 2nd Chemiluminescence Symposium. All instrumental developments including future innovations will be presented.

The symposium has been supported by w^6.

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