The basic instrument contains all components required for the chemiluminescence-based analysis. It was designed for applications in academia, industrial research & development as well as production, for the thorough assessment of stability, safety and quality control. The core components consist of the precision furnace cell, a highly sensitive light detector and optical components. The embedded computer allows communication with the user interface by TCP/IP.

The CL basic instrument configuration with the furnace cell (front left hand).
CL basic instrument configuration

Outstanding characteristics of the basic instrument include:

  • exceptionally high sensitivity allows the detection of extremely weak effects
  • single photon counting measurement
  • low data acquisition time results in increased data resolution
  • silver furnace cell permits very precise temperature adjustment (± 0.02K)
  • temperature range 25-200°C, isothermal or dynamic temperature profiles possible
  • modular construction concept allows upgrades with hardware modules anytime
  • automatic gas control adjusts atmospheric composition and flow
  • ergonomic instrument design
  • user-friendly, web-based interface (communication via TCP/IP)
  • autonomous, embedded computer

Connections: : 85-264VAC, TCP/IP (RJ45), gas input1, gas input2, protection gas, gas exit, water chiller connection (in/out)

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