The furnace cell is a core component of the CL instrumentation, where the activation of the oxidation reaction takes place. The setting of a cylindrical silver container inside a ceramic isolation allows maximal precision in temperature profiles. The preheated reaction atmosphere flows through the oven mass before reaching the sample, ensuring a properly preheated gas temperature. The oven mass is passivated with rhodium, excluding any possibility of oxidation, even while analyzing the most corrosive samples. The light emitted by the chemiluminescence reaction passes through a heated glass cover to reach the detector. The active heating of the glass cover ensures maximal temperature homogeneity within the furnace cell. It also prevents condensation of volatile sample components. This setup guarantees an extremely precise temperature profile, as well as long term measurements without any formation of residue covering the optical components, which would lead to decrease in sensitivity. The adjustable temperature range extends from room temperature up to 200C. The ergonomic embedding of the furnace cell within the instrument ensures easy and fatigue-less handling of the samples.

The one channel furnace cell included in the basic instrument allows the characterization of samples with a diameter up to 22mm with highest sensitivity.

One channel furnace configuration

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