ACL Instruments supplies different crucibles depending on your specific needs and demands: one way aluminium crucibles, reusable silica glass crucibles and our state-of-the-art headspace crucibles. You will find the right solution for your apllication:

High purity aluminium crucibles (99.99% purity). These crucibles are consumables (only one way use) and may be used in combination with our coverslips (borosilicate glass, to be ordered separately). The cover slips are normally used when volatile substances and product formulations are analysed to delay the evaporation. The aluminium crucibles are available in packaging sizes of 50 or 100 pcs.

Silica glass of highest purity. These crucibles are very robust and free of catalytic active impurities. Since the silica glass crucibles are machine washable and inert against many acids, they are reusable. Of course you may also use our cover slips in combination to the silica glass crucibles. The packaging size is 10 pcs.

Headspace crucibles. These crucibles consist of a gold plated inox crucible body and a sapphire cover. The system is widely used to simulate head space atmosphere during CL experiments and to analyse highly volatile substances (e.g. aromas and fragrances: Limonene etc.). The headspace crucibles are single use articles and supplied in packaging sizes of 10 pcs.

High purity Aluminium crucible supplied by ACL Instruments.
AL-Crucible (99.99%)

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