ACL Instruments also operates a specialized service lab, allowing us to offer perfectly tailored analytical services and runtime on our chemiluminescence instrumentations. This will allow us to precisely predict the oxidative decay of any of your compounds based on conditions during processing, application and storage.

Since oxidative reactions are of complex nature and influenced by various factors, we use a three level approach to thoroughly analyze the decay of any given substance.

I.          Experimental characterization of the oxidative reactions using our analytical instrumentations. 

II.         Kinetic analysis (isoconversional approach) of the experimental data to calculate the parameters of the activation energies.

III.        Prediction of the individual oxydative decay (reaction progress) dependent on specific (individual) service application conditions.

This approach also allows the analysis of various states of degradation, as well as measure of the hydro-peroxide concentration (e.g. to determine the state of degradation for the assessment of quality).

ACL Instruments offers the complete customer service, starting with a quote for our three level approach to the detailed reports about the examined compound. Your choice also includes individual services that can be ordered selectively based on your specific needs. For any questions about our services and your possibilities, please contact us.

ACL Service Lab
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